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Concrete Steps & Sidewalk

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Concrete is the ideal material to construct elements of your home or commercial site. Offering durability, strength, longevity, and an aesthetic that you love, here at Evansville Concrete Contractors Co, we provide the highest quality concrete services around. Offering top-standard works for both residential and commercial sites, as well as interiors and exteriors, from concrete steps and sidewalks to concrete counters and garage floors, we are here to help!

Why Use Concrete For Your Steps and Sidewalks

Known for its ideal construction properties, concrete is the perfect material for your steps and sidewalks. Concrete is an excellent choice when it comes to building the most trustworthy surfaces. It can deal with continuous footfall, all weathers, and all other pressures that fall on it. Available in an array of aesthetics, we offer diverse choices for you. This helps ensure your property is exactly the way you want it. Including painting, staining, stamping, and decorative details, your concrete steps and sidewalks will be functioning to the utmost. It will be looking great, too! Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help. Simply give us a call or use the online contact form and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and needs.

Concrete Step and Concrete Walkway Services

As a premier concrete company, we at Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. offer a wide selection of concrete services. For your concrete step and sidewalk needs, you may choose any of the following services we offer:

Concrete Step and Sidewalk Installation Service

If you are looking for the best concrete contractors here in Evansville, IN to construct your new stairs or sidewalks, you have come to the right place! With years of experience, our team of experts knows how to achieve the best for your site. We work with meticulous attention to detail to construct a solid foundation and then flawless surfacing and finish. We perform every job custom to each unique site. This helps ensure the absolute best standards. Any decorative or detail elements can be added, too! This includes stamped concrete to replicate other materials such as wood, stone, tile, or brick.

When it comes to the installation of concrete steps and sidewalks, we strictly follow the step-by-step process below:

Step 1: Site Preparation and Delivery of Materials

We always start the installation process by preparing the site. This enables us to be time-efficient. Also, we prefer having all materials we need ready onsite. Doing so makes us start and finish the concrete project on time. To ensure we have everything we need, we have mobile tool trailers onsite as well. As part of installation preparation, we also make sure our concrete steps and/or sidewalks meet the insurance company specifications.

Step 2: Excavation 

Excavating enables us to begin any concrete step or concrete walkway project on a clean slate. When excavating, we make sure we follow the allowable depth based on either commercial or residential building codes.

Step 3: Build Frame and Reinforce Steel Concrete

We use plywood to build step forms and riser boards. When building forms, we take into consideration the required tread depth. For residential buildings, concrete treads have to be at least 10-inches deep. The frame will serve as the skeleton of the steps. To make the boards easier to remove once the concrete is dry, we coat them with oil or lubricant.

Meanwhile, to ensure the sturdiness of the steps, we install steel-reinforced concrete. It is vital to know that a concrete slab alone does not have the tensile strength that steels have. Steel reinforcement is a welded construction allowing the structure to be strong. Thus, making it safe for everyone once done. Also, we see to it that our concrete steps or sidewalks adhere to the required grade structures.

Step 4: Mix Concrete

As an expert concrete contractor, we prefer poured concrete over precast concrete steps. While the latter is good, it's more ideal for temporary construction offices or temporary housing. Precast concrete steps are susceptible to damages while in transit. The supplier or manufacturer needs to handle it properly, or it may crack along the way. But, with poured concrete, you don't have to worry about that. Depending on the requirement of the project, we either use a ready-mix concrete, or we mix our own -- sometimes using special concrete admixtures. We calculate the ingredients to ensure they are of the right amount based on what the project needs. If you prefer precast concrete steps, though, we install only from the best. That would be the Century Concrete Step.

Step 5: Pour Concrete

We are very meticulous when it comes to pouring concrete. To ensure maximum safety, we pour concrete slowly but surely. We make it a point not to create air pockets and avoid any possible damages due to the construction of the steps or sidewalks.

Step 6: Screed Concrete and Install Handrails

The screening process enables us to provide you with a smooth concrete surface. We do this by using a plywood plank and then sliding it along the top of wet concrete. We continue doing so until we achieve a smooth and straight concrete step or concrete sidewalk. While the concrete is wet, we install attractive and safe handrails. This one's applicable to all concrete steps, including ones you will find on in-ground swimming pools.

Step 7: Cure Concrete Steps/Sidewalks

It is crucial not to speed up the curing process. You have to wait for at least 24-42 hours before using the concrete step or sidewalk. But, it is vital to know that it takes up to 28 days or more for the concrete to fully dry up.

Step 8: Remove Form Boards

You know we're almost done with the project when we start removing the form boards. Form boards support the installation process. But, once the concrete is dry, it's time to take them off. We make sure to be very careful when removing them to avoid any cracks or damages.

Concrete Step and Sidewalk Repair Service

Over time and for any number of reasons, your concrete stairs or sidewalks may become damaged. As the premier concrete service provider in the area, we are here to resolve the issue quickly, repairing any damage and refreshing the aesthetic for a seamless look. Our team is available just at the end of the phone or via the online contact form and will be with you as quickly as possible to repair the problem and get your property back up and running at its best.

Why Hire Us

We've got so many things to say on why you should hire Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. in your next concrete step or concrete walkway project. But, let us focus on the major ones, which include:

Strong and Long-Lasting Concrete Steps and Sidewalks

As a leading concrete company in the Evansville, IN area, we build concrete structures adhering to most building codes. Thus, you can be confident with the quality of our work. We build concrete steps and concrete sidewalks that last. They are sturdy enough to withstand both hot and cold climates.

Extensive Concrete Experience

As the premier concrete contractors in the area, we have vast experience working on all kinds of properties and requirements. With such extensive expertise, our team performs the highest quality works every time, paying meticulous attention to detail to achieve absolute strength and longevity as well as a stunning and flawless finish.


Even though we take the lead in the concrete business in the area, we continue honing our craft. We never stop innovating. Every day, we have a dedicated team that researches what's new in the concrete industry. We strive to always take the lead not only in building high-quality work but also in introducing new trends and technologies.

Affordable Concrete Services

We truly believe in how important it is to have a property that you can rely on. So, we offer all this at an affordable price to be as accessible as possible to everyone. We provide a range of options for every service to meet every budget, requirement, and taste!

Free Services

For ultimate customer satisfaction, we offer free services. Call us today, and let's discuss your concrete project plans. We have a team of expert cost estimators providing free and realistic quotations. They're non-committal, too! That's how confident we are in the concrete jobs we do. If you have questions about our services or anything concrete-related, let us know. We provide free consultations as well. Just the same, no commitments are required.

Contact Us

Concrete stairs are essential to get you to the next level of a building structure. Meanwhile, concrete sidewalks or concrete walkways add to your property's curb appeal. These two, though often unnoticed, are imperative to any structure. You need concrete experts to do the job. Otherwise, you may spend more than you should and jeopardize the safety of the structure. Call us today or send us a message via the form on the Contact Us page. Let's discuss your concrete step or concrete walkway project. We are more than happy to answer your calls and inquiries during business hours.

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