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Concrete Retaining Walls

a very modern treatment to a public area.

If you are in Evansville, IN, and thinking about retaining walls, look no further! As the number one concrete service providers in the area, we offer a concrete retaining wall service that you can rely on to achieve the best for your property. Ideal for both commercial and residential sites, our work is guaranteed to not only function at the utmost strength but also to look exceptional too. With years of experience serving our local communities in this work, you can trust us to be there when you need us. For installation, repairs, and replacement, get in touch today!

What Is A Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are a form of hardscaping that can be used simply as a decorative feature or with functional properties. Ideal for sites that are sloped or suffer from great erosion, retaining walls is a great way to add structure to the land. Retaining wall blocks are strong enough to protect you and your property. They are also an excellent way to achieve more accessible planting beds, adding height, and are therefore easy to reach. Alternatively, they simply look great! With a range of aesthetics for you to choose from, you can create your outdoor dream space through the use of exceptional quality structures.

Benefits of Using Concrete

Concrete is a very popular construction material. It's a material that has been around for centuries. Used to build houses and other structures, concrete comes with lots of benefits including:

Durability and Sustainability

Concrete is an exceptional material for this purpose. Offering ideal practical qualities, it promises long-lasting sustainability that maintains its installation aesthetic for decades. Incredibly strong, the use of concrete by our team of experts assures strength and durability to withstand all weather and other pressures.


Concrete is available to suit all kinds of tastes, even able to look like natural stone, brick, or wood through our top-quality stamped concrete option! We offer a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures for you to choose from. We can custom design concrete, too! That makes your space even more unique and personalized.


In general, concrete is cheaper than natural stone, brick, and wood. Using it for your retaining wall systems means being able to save a lot. Concrete retaining wall blocks are not only affordable, but they're also sturdy and are made to last. It requires minimal maintenance, too. Thus, allowing you to save even more money in the long run.

Low Maintenance 

Concrete retaining wall blocks are very easy to maintain. As long as you let the experts do your retaining wall, it should last for years before you even need a repair. From time to time, you need to clean it up to keep it looking tidy. Cleaning concrete is easy, too! All you need is water to wash off the dirt on the wall.

Our Concrete Retaining Wall Services

With years of experience working on all kinds of properties, our services are ideal for both commercial and residential sites. Our range of services is there to help whenever you need us, from initial installation to repairs and replacements, decades down the line. All of our services are of the highest standard, paying meticulous attention to detail to achieve unbeatable quality retaining walls that will last.

Our services all offer a range of aesthetic and finishing options to achieve exactly what you want for your site. With concrete block retaining wall, poured concrete, stamped concrete, painted concrete, and stained concrete, you name it and we can make your vision a reality. This service is suitable for both initial installation works and older retaining walls, adding detail if you wish to at a later date.

Types of Concrete Retaining Walls

There are several types of concrete retaining walls. It's best to consult a concrete expert like ourselves to help you assess and know the right type of concrete retaining wall for your property. But, for your reference, here are the most common types of concrete retaining walls that we do:

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

Poured concrete retaining walls are the strongest type -- if installed properly. They can help control erosion of the soil. They're also the most common retaining wall you will find on a day-to-day basis. Poured concrete retaining walls are very versatile. You can add colors, texture, pattern, or accentuate it. Since it's customizable, installing this type of retaining wall makes it easier to match your property's architectural style.

Gravity Walls

Gravity retaining walls rely on their own weight to remain stable. This type of retaining wall is made using heavy materials like large concrete wall blocks, stone, or cast-in-place concrete. By leaning back and interlocking edges, gravity walls are designed to resist pressure from behind. Gravity walls are great for properties with sloping ground.

Garden Walls

Garden walls have a wide range of purposes. One of them is by using it as a retaining wall. Usually made of concrete wall blocks, retaining walls can hold soil and water. Thus, protecting your property from soil erosion. As an added decorative touch, we usually install fire pits at the center of the garden wall or depending on the design.

Apart from the above-mentioned retaining wall options, we also provide installation of the following:

Freestanding Landscape Walls

Technically, freestanding landscape walls are not retaining walls. But, they're extremely functional, too. These walls can serve as borders for raised planting beds or highlight a visual focal point. It can also be an added security and offer your property the privacy it needs.

Freestanding Walls

As the name suggests, this type of retaining wall is stand-alone. Thus, making it easier to install and maneuver. A retaining wall of this type is ideal for temporary partitions and for creating storage bays. Depending on your requirement, our freestanding retaining walls can go as tall as 6 meters in height.

Concrete Retaining Wall Installation Process

The installation process of retaining walls varies from one project to another. It depends on several factors including the type of wall, size of the project, materials to be used, and location. One thing's for sure, though, we carefully build each wall to ensure longevity and durability.

While the process can be tricky, rest assured we do things excellently every step of the way. From designing walls to laying out and digging to pouring concrete and curing, we make sure we do all these as pro as we are. We make it a point that at the end of every project, we have happy and satisfied customers.

Why Hire Us

Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. is not your typical concrete company. We work hard every single day to provide our customers with the best customer experience. By hiring us for your retaining wall project, you get to experience the following benefits:

Reliable and Trustworthy

As the number one expert concrete contractor in the area, we provide a service that you can rely on. With years of experience in this field, our team of experts knows just how to achieve the best for your site.

Top-of-the-Line Retaining Walls

As a premier concrete contractor in the Evansville, IN area, we commit to providing only the best quality retaining walls. We follow a meticulous process in ensuring we deliver projects as promised. While retaining walls are often unnoticed, we believe it adds to your property's curb appeal. That is why we design the most suitable appearance to ensure it matches your overall theme. The sturdiness of our walls is essential to us. To ensure they're protected from water damage, we use wall caps. Wall caps are critical for water drainage.

Customized Approach

Each property is unique. We believe that what works for one may not work for the rest. Thus, we work with a custom approach to every property. We carefully inspect all elements of the land to ensure the best results can be constructed. We offer a variety of options within every service to suit your specific requirements, taste, and budget. All are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to be built to last.

High-End Materials

Concrete may be a fundamental construction material, but not all are created equal. That is why we source for the best concrete mixes available in local stores, suppliers, and manufacturers. Based on the requirement of the project, we import materials from other regions and countries as well. Apart from concrete, we also source for other construction materials like natural stone, chiseled stone, and bricks.

Affordable Concrete Services

Concrete retaining walls can be very tricky depending on the location. No matter how challenging the project is, though, we guarantee we've got the best prices in the region. All our concrete services are affordable. We work very hard to give you the friendliest rates in the area. Call or message online today, and let's discuss your retaining wall project. We have a dedicated team of expert cost estimators to provide you with realistic, free, and non-committal quotations.

Contact Us

Are you installing a retaining wall anytime soon? Good thing, you are in the right place! Let the leading concrete company in Evansville, IN do the work for you. Call us today or send us an online message via the contact form. We are more than happy to hear about your plans and see how we can be of help. Our phone lines are open anytime during business hours. Meanwhile, you can send us a message online anytime and expect a reply from us within the next business day.

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