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Driveway Repair

concrete driveway repair

Are you in need of driveway repair services?


Evansville Concrete Contractors Co is a professional concrete contractor that provides the area with the highest quality driveway repair services. We use only the best materials to repair concrete surfaces. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure we do the job right, on time, and within budget.


Our company understands that your time is valuable and that you need your driveway repaired as quickly as possible. We offer a wide range of services to meet your concrete driveway repair needs. We also offer competitive prices to ensure we fit your budget.


Contact us today for a free estimate on your driveway repair project! Or, you may continue reading to learn more about our company and concrete driveway services.


Which Is Better? Concrete or Asphalt Driveway?


Concrete and asphalt are two of the best driveway materials available out there. Between the two, asphalt driveways are the more cost-effective choice. It requires fewer materials and installation time than concrete.


But, if you are looking for a driveway that will last for years and can cause small savings over time due to increased serviceability, concrete may be the better option. Unlike asphalt and gravel driveways, concrete is less susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions. It requires less frequent repairs and maintenance because of its long life cycle. In addition, concrete driveways may increase the value of your property depending on where you live compared to asphalt ones.


So if you are debating between concrete or asphalt for your driveway, consider these pros and cons before deciding. The same process goes if you consider using a gravel driveway instead.


What Are The Signs You Need A Concrete Driveway Repair?


Concrete driveways are a reliable choice for your home. Keeping up with the maintenance of your concrete driveway is an essential part of keeping up your property's curb appeal. But sometimes, driveways need repairs due to damage or wear and tear. Knowing the signs that you need a concrete driveway repair can help you prevent more extensive problems in the future. If you suspect an issue with your concrete driveway, contact a repair specialist who can diagnose and fix any problems before they become too severe to remedy.


Meanwhile, below are common signs your driveway needs concrete repair:


Small Cracks

You may need a concrete driveway repair if you see a few small cracks in your concrete driveway. If you do not repair cracks of this size, they can turn into larger issues that could compromise the structure. Worse, it can cause a lot of damage down the road. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to small cracks. Schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible. Early intervention can stop or minimize inevitable damage. It can also save a lot of time and money.


Deep Cracks

One of the most obvious signs that your existing driveway needs repair is deep cracks. Deep cracks show damage or a failing structure. If left unattended, these large cracks can spread and affect the entire integrity of your driveway. Thus, making driveway repair is necessary. When it comes to repairing, it is always best to take action sooner rather than later. Leaving affected areas untreated leads to bigger and costlier repair jobs down the line. For your driveway to serve its purpose for years, it is vital to repair any large or deep cracks immediately.



Potholes are one major sign you may need repairs done on your concrete driveway. Wear and tear from changing weather and heavy traffic can cause dips or bumps in your driveway. Unexpected ground shifting under the concrete slab, or deterioration from chemical exposure, also cause potholes to form. If you do not address it right away, these potholes can worsen. They can create a serious safety hazard for both vehicles and pedestrians.


Crumbling Concrete Edges

It is necessary to be aware of the signs that you already need a concrete driveway repair. One sure indicator is crumbling edges. If the entire driveway appears in good condition, but its edges are crumbling, it is time to call experts for driveway repair. Over time, water can seep through these cracks and cause further damage to the entire driveway. In addition, an unevenly sloped driveway caused by crumbling edges can cause costly drainage issues as well. Therefore, it is better to avoid these potential problems before they become too severe!


Uneven or Sunken Concrete Surface

Having uneven or sunken concrete surfaces can be an eyesore. Unfortunately, it is usually a sign of problems beneath the surface. Uneven or sunken concrete presents a tripping hazard and damage to the structure. It may also lead to water damage and mold growth if you do not address it immediately. Therefore, regular concrete maintenance ensures your property stays safe and aesthetically pleasing.



Keeping your driveway looking its best and maintaining peak performance can be challenging, especially with a concrete driveway. One common issue that occurs is discoloration. This may occur over time due to damp conditions, chemicals, oil stains, or contaminants. If you notice discoloration in your concrete driveway, it is essential to address it early. Ignoring it can lead to further expenses later.



The deterioration of a concrete driveway can be an exasperating problem. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to remain permanent. Identifying the origin of the issue is the first step towards improving its condition and restoring your driveway to its pristine state. Taking preventative action can ensure you do not run into the same problem in the future. Repairs are necessary for treating existing damage.


Why Repair Your Concrete Driveway?


Maintaining a well-defined concrete driveway is essential to preserving your home’s exterior. It can be the difference between a beautiful property display or one riddled with cracks and chips. Though it may seem like an intimidating renovation at first, it can offer you an expansive selection of benefits if done properly. For instance, taking the time to repair your concrete driveway will add years of longevity and lower future replacement costs. Repairing any existing damage on your driveway also keeps everyone in your family safe from slips and hazardous trips. And above all, a well-kept concrete driveway complements the aesthetic appeal of your home for all to experience—now and for generations to come!


When Is The Best Time To Repair Concrete Driveways?


As a homeowner, it is essential to stay aware of the condition of your concrete driveway. Like any concrete surface, concrete driveways will inevitably experience wear over time.


When it comes to repairing your concrete driveway, timing is key to achieving the best results. Generally, the best time for repair work is before the first snowfall in autumn, when all existing cracks will be most visible and easier to fix. Likewise, it is best to cracks and holes before more damage occurs during colder weather. During this season, temperatures are still warm enough that the material you use to patch cracks will easily bond with existing concrete.


If temperatures remain low and below freezing for an extended period, moisture can seep into small cracks in the driveway. Unfortunately, it can cause further damage when it freezes and expands. Taking time during autumnal months to repair your concrete driveway pays off big in resulting longevity and quality of your home's exterior.


Our Concrete Driveway Repair Services


You can count on us if you are looking for reliable concrete driveway repair services. Our experienced team of professionals is here to ensure we meet your needs to the highest industry standards. Also, providing quality work for a fair price. We use quality materials and the most advanced technology to guarantee a job well done every time.


We offer various driveway repair solutions depending on your drive's current situation. For your reference, here is our list of concrete driveway repair services:


Concrete Resurfacing

If your driveway has seen better days, then our concrete driveway repair services can help! Our team offers professional attention to detail. We use the latest resurfacing techniques to restore any damaged or cracked parts of your driveway. We will work hard to give you a like-new look before you know it. We always keep the needs of our clients in mind throughout the entire process. So, you can rest easy knowing no matter what kind of driveway repair you need. We will do the job right. Plus, we take pride in organizing a seamless project from start to finish.



Our company offers a top-of-the-line solution for your driveway needs. Our team of experts specializes in recoloring concrete surfaces. We ensure your concrete driveway will look like new again. Our team takes pride in using only quality materials. Products that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide years of lasting beauty. We understand how necessary it is to have an attractive-looking driveway. Thus, we strive to deliver superior results every time. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. We aim to always complete each project on time and within budget.



We understand concrete driveways take a lot of beatings. That is why we offer concrete sealing services to keep your driveway safe from water damage and prolong its life. Our professional team focuses on providing quality repair services in a friendly atmosphere. We only use the best sealants from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. As experts, you can be confident we will get the job done right. So, your driveway can remain in good condition for years to come!


Patching or Filling

The best results come from the highest-quality product. With professional-grade patching and filling products like ours, we guarantee your driveway will last a long time! Also, we train our technicians to ensure that we do each job correctly. With years of industry experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you are in excellent hands with us.



Concrete driveways frequently experience settling and sinking over time due to soil erosion, shifting foundations, and drainage issues. The best solution to avoid costly repair work is proactively maintaining your driveway with slabjacking. Slabjacking is a repair technique that involves pumping a mixture of sand, cement, and other materials under the sunken portion of the driveway. It helps to lift the surface back into place. It is an exacting process that takes considerable skill and expertise. But, it is more affordable than installing a new concrete driveway. Thus, it is an ideal choice for many homeowners needing driveway repairs.


Concrete Driveway Repair Cost


With concrete driveway repairs, the cost per square foot can vary depending on a few factors. These include the extent of the damage and materials used. It also includes labor costs and geographical location. So it is vital to get a quote from a qualified contractor in your area. This allows you to have an accurate concrete driveway repair cost estimate. We understand that getting the job done right is essential for preserving your investment. At the same time, it maintains curb appeal. We ensure these while delivering quality workmanship that you can count on!


Why Hire Us


It is easy to find driveway repair contractors in the area. But, there is only one Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. We are a company that provides high-quality and long-lasting driveway repair solutions.


By hiring our team, you will get to experience what makes our loyal customers come back to us every time. It includes:


Licensed and Insured

As a licensed company, you can rest easy knowing we will handle all your concrete repair jobs professionally. We also have insurance in place. It will give you peace of mind should any unforeseen circumstances happen during the repair process.


Expert Driveway Repair Technicians

Our expert concrete driveway repair technicians can ensure that your driveway looks as good as the day you install it. We guarantee our team of professionals is certified and has extensive experience in many driveway repairs. No matter what type of issue you may experience with your driveway – our technicians are here to help.


Top-of-the-Line Driveway Repair Materials

At Evansville Concrete Contractors Co, we strive to give you the best results and service possible. Thus, we only use top-of-the-line materials for all driveway repairs. We understand you want your driveway to look perfect and stay in great condition for a long time. Thus, we commit to making that happen. Also, we pride ourselves on using reliable, proven durable materials. Thus, saving you from extra repair costs and headaches down the line.


Affordable Concrete Driveway Repair Cost

Our company provides quality concrete driveway repair services at an affordable cost. We understand the importance of keeping costs low while delivering a product that looks great and lasts. Our goal is to get your job done quickly, professionally, and within the constraints of your budget. It is something we strive for in every project we do.


Free Estimates

When it comes time to repair your driveway, you don't want to commit to a work team without knowing how much it will cost. That is why we offer free estimates for our services. Free estimates give you peace of mind. It will also ensure that we will not overestimate costs. A free estimate is an effective way to understand your project before committing resources.


Contact Us Today


Contact us at Evansville Concrete Contractors Co today. There is no job too small or too large for our experienced team of professionals. A team that can provide a comprehensive repair that is sure to last! We take pride in delivering top-notch customer service and worry-free results at an affordable price. We provide an array of driveway repair solutions, from patching to resurfacing. Please request a free quote to see how we can make your driveway look new again. So get in touch with us now, and let's start repairing your driveway!

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