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Concrete Patio

Small empty Covered porch with view of backyard landscape with concrete patio area

If you are looking for the best concrete contractors near you, you have come to the right place! As the number one concrete contractor in the region, Evansville Concrete Contractors Co is the company that you can rely on to achieve the best for your property. Ensuring that you receive only the best standard of work and the aesthetic that you simply love, we are here at any stage of your patio.

Why Use Concrete for Patios

Concrete is an excellent option for your property when looking at surfacing outdoors. Exceptionally durable, concrete can deal well with all kinds of weather and is exceptionally strong. It is able to withstand heavy footfall and regular use. With an expected life of between twenty-five to fifty years, this affordable investment now will keep reaping dividends for many decades. Alongside the cost-effective side, it is also incredibly easy to maintain, giving you more time to relax and enjoy it than spending time to keep it looking good. If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor space that you simply love to be in, we are the team to bring that dream to a reality!

Concrete Patio Services

Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. is a premier concrete company in the Evansville, IN, area. We have been in the business of providing our customers with the best concrete works. Our company offers a wide variety of concrete services, including the following concrete patio services:

Concrete Patio Installation

If you are looking for an initial installation service, we are the company to rely on! Offering a custom service that allows you time and discussion to choose the perfect option for you, we support you through the process all the way. Once all decisions have been made, our expert team will carefully lay your new patio, first of all taking care to install an exceptional quality foundation, followed by sleekly finished concrete. They will also apply a concrete sealant to ensure maximum longevity and strength are achieved.

Concrete Patio Repairs

Over time, your patio may experience some damage. As the premier concrete service provider in Evansville, IN, we provide all repairs that you need at the highest standard and still at an affordable cost. Working with only top-quality materials and equipment, our expert team will meticulously repair any damaged areas, restoring the strength and durability, as well as achieving a sleek aesthetic finish that blends seamlessly with the existing patio. Available with a fast response rate, all you need to do is call us or use the online contact form, and we will quickly dispatch a member of our team to come out and do the work. By responding quickly, we prevent the issue from worsening and further repairs being done. Contact us straight away if your patio is damaged!

Types of Concrete Patios 

Concrete is a very popular choice when it comes to building patios. Of all the construction materials available in the market, it has the best qualities that can withstand outdoor challenges. Apart from being strong and long-lasting, concrete is very flexible, too. You can achieve different types of finishes according to your liking.

We at Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. offer a wide selection of concrete patio finishes. For your next concrete patio project, you can choose from among these major types of concrete patio finishes:

Polished Concrete Patio

Also known as poured concrete, polished concrete patios are smooth, clean, and level. It's like a blank canvass, which means you can do whatever you like with the space. Like most patio spaces, you can add a fire pit on the side or at the center to make the space accommodating and comfy even when it's cold outside. This type of concrete patio is ideal for conservative or traditional homeowners.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Are you tired of seeing flat surfaces? Level up your concrete patio by adding color, texture, or pattern to it. Also known as decorative concrete, concrete stamping is defined as the affordable way of replicating more luxurious construction materials like natural stone, tile, and brick. Staining, meanwhile, is the process of adding color and, essentially, vibe to your typical gray concrete finish. With stamping, you can bring so many different kinds of patio design ideas to life.

Broom Finish Concrete Patio 

If you are not bold enough to opt for stamping, broom finish concrete patios would be a great alternative. The process allows you to add texture and pattern by dragging a broom on the trowelled surface of the wet concrete. Whether you have a small or large patio, this concrete patio finish will help add character to your space. The broom finish is also ideal for a pool surround as it makes the surface slip-resistant.

Concrete Pavers 

Concrete has optimum design versatility. It's very flexible you can do so many things with it. Another concrete patio finish option is concrete pavers. Also referred to as paving stones, pavers are one of the most popular outdoor flooring options. They are an affordable alternative to tiles. Like tiles, it comes with specific shapes, sizes, and colors. It's easy to install, too! We lay pavers over a compacted base of sand and soil. Thus, making it a permeable surface that is able to let water through. But, because of that, it may shift over time, and weeds may grow between pavers. But, with the help of concrete experts, it's easier to maintain paving stones.

Exposed Aggregate 

As the name suggests, this concrete finish exposes aggregates such as stone, gravel, and sand. This type of concrete finish is non-slip, which is great for open outdoor spaces like patios. It's also a great option for fire pits since concrete is heat-resistant. An exposed aggregate concrete patio finish is ideal for homeowners who prefer a texturized surface over shapes and colors. Like all the other concrete finishes, this one's affordable and easy to maintain, too.

Other Concrete Patio Finishes

Although less popular as compared to the above-mentioned choices, we also offer the following concrete surface finishes:

  • Salt Finish
  • Troweled Finish
  • Engraved Finish
  • Dyed Finish
  • Marbleized Finish
  • Engraved Finish
  • Etched Finish

Why Hire Us

Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. is one of the many concrete patio contractors in the Evansville, IN area. But, what makes us different? Why should you hire us over our competitors? Here are the major reasons to convince you we are the best choice:

Licensed Concrete Company

Not all concrete companies out there are legit to operate. In our case, though, we are proud to say that we have a license to operate in Evansville, IN, and surrounding areas. As a licensed company, we adhere to both standards set by the industry and to local building codes. With us, you can be confident that we will not do anything to tarnish our good reputation in the business. Rest assured of nothing but great quality concrete patios.

Reliable and Experienced Concrete Experts

We are a team of highly qualified concrete professionals. Hiring us for your next concrete patio project means letting the experts do the job for you. Our team has years of experience in building different types of concrete patios. We have all the knowledge and skills you need to build your outdoor dream space. More so, you can rely on our expertise all throughout the duration of the project.

High-Class Concrete Materials

When it comes to building your dream patio, concrete is the best choice. To ensure great quality results, we only use top-of-the-line concrete materials. We source our concrete mixes and other construction materials from trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. If there's one thing we can assure you of, we never compromise the quality of our work.

Wide Variety of Concrete Patio Ideas

As the number one concrete experts in the area, we offer a patio service that will create your ideal space. This is not only through our exceptional standards of work but also through the aesthetic options we provide. Our range of concrete finishes is vast and allows everyone to find something that they love. Through the use of stamped concrete, staining, and painting, your patio will be the way you want it. We provide a range of colors, textures, and finishes, as well as excellent quality imitations of other materials such as wood, natural stone, and tile.

Affordable Concrete Patio Installation and Repair Cost

We work very hard to give you the most competitive prices in the region. We make sure ours is a price that our clients can afford. We are popular for having the best quality of concrete work at very reasonable prices. Experience it yourself by setting an appointment or calling us today.

Contact Us 

Concrete patios do not only serve as an outdoor lounging space but also add to the overall curb appeal of your property. To help bring to life those patio pictures you've been saving for a while now, call the experts today! You may reach us via phone call or by sending an online message using the contact form. We are available every day during business hours to assist and answer your calls and inquiries.

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